Trillion fps camera shoots advancing light waves

How fast can your camera shoot? 60 frames per second, maybe 100? If you’ve got a good one, maybe 1000, or maybe you’re super pro and you shoot 10.000 fps. Puh-lease! Ok, so maybe you’ve got a Phantom camera that shoots up to 1 million fps; so what? The new MIT camera shoots at 1 trillion fps – that’s !

Just so you can get an idea of what this means, imagine this: 1 trillion seconds is over 31,688 years; so if you shot just one second and played it at 30 fps, it would last over 1.000 years to watch it! That would be some boring movie, that’s for sure. Of course, you can’t take this camera on vacation, but even if you could, there would be no place on Earth which offers the necessary lighting. They used to shoot those “femtosecond laser illumination, picosecond-accurate detectors and mathematical reconstruction techniques”.

The result you see here is an actual moving ray of light, caught in the act.

Via Wired

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  • Pedro Assuncao

    I wonder what use cases can they have for it…