Every day you hear about locations where the laws of physics appear not to apply or where anomalies take place every day; a big part of them are just hoaxes or are caused by misinterpretation of data but there are some which we have not been able to explain. According to an austrian physicist the whole planet is turning into a huge Bermuda Triangle. This theory he stated is supposed to be based upon heavy research and statistic.

Gunther Bildmeyer is his name and he says that “In this day Earth’s magnetic field is in fact 10% weaker than it was 150 years ago when the first measurements were conducted and it is getting weaker faster and faster”. “Should this be the case then a hundred years from now people are going to float here just as astronauts”. The conclusions which follow this are devastating. Effects vary from electromagnetic storms to shifts in Earth’s climate and an increase of solar radiation.


[digg-reddit-me]His theory is even more stunning as he says that this took place before. “This process happened a few times in the past and life was affected but it was not extinct. The problem is that now man is targeted directly because it is the first such incident our species witnesses. The previous event took place 780.000 years ago”. The physicist claims that it is happening because of the subtle shifts in Earth’s core.

“It somewhat resembles breathing. When the planet breathes in th masses of incandescent metal rise towards the surface and the field is more intens and when the planet breathes out the metal goes down and the gravity field is weaker. This cycle takes hundreds of thousands of years.”. Gunther Bildmeyer is not that well known. This could just be the sayings of a modern mad scientist or it could be the harsh truth. There are still things about our planet we know nothing about.

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    Would this not be in contradiction to the currently accepted definition of gravity whereby a body’s gravity is proportionally linked to the body’s mass? Although the metal core may be shifting its mass is nevertheless the same, hence the gravity should remain the same.

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    The flipping of the magentic field is a well known and documented historical event. While shifting mass in the mantle may make local gravity variations over time, I don’t see anything in the article to support the idea that the overall gravity of Earth is “breathing” – just that mantle mass is shifting. I’m pretty sure that if the layers were symetrical and perfectly spherical, the “breathing” wouldn’t result in significant changes in gravity at all. Since the material distribution is unlikely to be completely uniform, local gravity would be different as the mass moves.

    Note that local gravity variance is already a well documented phenomena, so I don’t see that there’s any suprise that the variance could change over time. It would do that anyway as continental drift moved surface mass, as well.

  5. 5

    This is very interesting, but could you possible give the references. For example, papers, magazines, etc that references Gunther Bildmeyer or where any of the above information comes from?

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    Just in case you are not aware; magnetism and gravity are not the same thing.

    We are not going to be floating about like astronauts because the Earth’s magnetic field is weaker.

  11. 12

    Hello!? You know the difference between a magnetic and gravitational field?
    Where is the link to the paper? As it stands here it’s BS.

  12. 13

    The force between two objects is not only determined by their masses, but also by the distance between them.
    So if the mass moves to the centre of the earth, there will be less gravitational forces at the surface of the earth.

  13. 14

    So how did this article about the earth’s magnetism get titled “…Earth’s gravity could be weaker”?

    Has anyone there actually READ this?

  14. 15

    Uh, this “scientist” doesn’t know the difference between gravity and magnetic field? Is this a joke website?

  15. 17
  16. 18

    Agreed. This is utter garbage. This is like saying that the Sun is going to get brighter, therefore time is going to go slower.

  17. 19

    Yes, I suppose it would. Then again, I’m no expert and there may be some more advanced version of the equation, I don’t know and don’t care to look right now. I have always been more fond of the tennis ball on an elastic blaket analogy. You have the original tennis ball, lets look at extremes; A point mass and maybe a beach ball each with the mass of a tennis ball. It is not hard to imagine that the curvature of the blanket would be different which implies the gravity has changed. While I won’t go as far as to say I agree with him entirely, I also won’t discount the theory entirely.

  18. 21

    Google Gunther Bildmeyer …nothing except this article. Either he doesn’t exist, and this is some sort of a hoax, or he does, and he hasn’t actually published anything on this. Either way, I won’t believe this until I see these findings published and peer reviewed.

  19. 22

    Let’s find out where gravity actually comes from before we theorize how it fluctuates. A gravitational force doesn’t follow the law of conservation of energy, we still don’t even know how it works.

  20. 23

    if the core’s density is shifting about below our feet then the net effect would be that the attractive strength would shift along with it. somehow the strong gravitational pull is being messed with. sad we can’t just dig a hole and go see what is going on down there. i bet sum one is building a large city down there…hell perhaps?

  21. 24

    The confusion lies in the fact that the title does not match the article. It should be:

    “A hundred years in the future Earth’s MAGNETIC FIELD could be weaker”

    This is a well documented phenomenon associated with the earths poles reversing periodically. It has NOTHING to do with gravity.

    The earths mass would have to change in order for gravity to change, and short of the planet exploding or the moon falling into the sea, that’s unlikely to happen.

  22. 25

    I think he is implying that the movement of IRON from the surface to the core causes a change in gravity and the change in the magnetic field is a symptom of ferrous ( material which is normaly highly magnetic moving to the core. He is using this symptom to “prove” his theory.

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  25. 28

    … That means I am more like 240 instead of 210… Hmmm.
    I guess it also means that it’s a good time to invest in gold.

    I agree in the magnetic field theory more than the gravity theory..

  26. 30

    Look up Polar Reversal or Polar Inverses…it’s happened before and will happen again. The molten metals inside the earth begin to slow down, stop, and then spin in the other direction. When this happens the North Pole becomes the South Pole and vice versa, this will cause the magnetic field to shut down temporaily, and expose everyone to some sort of radation. As far as gravity, gravity has been weaker in the past, hence larger animals like Dinosaurs. Heavier gravity denser objects/animals.

  27. 32
  28. 33

    Never hear of this site, but this first taste (through digg) is bad. This piece is total bullshit.
    for the “argument” of the high density material getting deeper in the core, I can just refer you to Gauss theorem. Anyone thinking that the Earth gravity could get so weak that we would “float like astronauts” is a fool who doesn’t understand anything about physics…
    Maybe it’ a joke, but most of the comments here are scary to say the least, even if they are only half serious …

  29. 34
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  32. 37

    As a physicist, I am completely insulted that not only do some people believe this garbage, but that those poor folks at digg don’t have enough knowledge about science to see that this is either a hoax or this “Australian Physicist” is totally out of his mind. I’m glad that most of you caught what utter bologna this is. I’m going to go hide in my lab and hope I never meet or hear of another person that doesn’t know the difference between gravity and magnetism. *shudder*

  33. 38

    what is this blog? just a vehicle for you to feed your ego with diggs? this is the most wretched piece of tripe i’ve come across on digg. i can’t believe you’re busy spouting stupid, ignorant hyperbole when you got the basic fact WRONG that gravity and magnetism aren’t the same AT ALL.

  34. 39

    This is just kind of sad…fundamenatlist creationist propaganda if you ask me. Once again, creationists try and do some cool report with some scientist that they’ve never heard of (meaning it’s made up) and try to change the minds of many. But in reality, it’s just made up bull. If the earth’s core is getting weaker and weaker, I’d think we see results by now. Why else is this not on CNN or local news stations? (No, FOX doesn’t count)

    And these people can vote? It’s been shown that a third of this country doesn’t know what DNA is. And these people vote for your future? It’s been shown that 100+ million people in the US have either a 5th grade reading level or are funcionally illiterate. And they’re voting for OUR future?

  35. 40

    You are obviously not a well educated physicist. You incorrectly used the English phrase, “not only but also.” Where is your also?

  36. 41
  37. 42

    This is what I have been saying for years, and it is all thanks to the Bush Administration. If you wish to see what will happen in the relatively near future, view the film, The Core.

  38. 43

    “Effects vary from electromagnetic storms to shifts in Earth’s climate and an increase of solar radiation.”

    Hmmm…more solar radiation= warmer temperatures= entirely natural basis for the planet’s warming= one more piece of evidence why global warming hysteria is just that.

  39. 44

    “Should this be the case then a hundred years from now people are going to float here just as astronauts”

    Congratulations! This guy just disproved Sir Isaac Newton! I’d really like to see the math!

    Poor old Isaac actually believed that gravity only depended on on total mass of the interacting bodies and the relative positions of their centers of gravity. His spirit will be very embarassed to learn that shifting material inside these bodies invalidates his centuries old theory! That’s just too bad…

    Hmmm, would somebody please care to point out what part of this article’s proposition actually needed “heavy research”? Or does this part of the report just refer to the heavy research real scientists did to find historical evidence of polar reversals in the past (e. g. by examining probes from deep antarctic ice)?

    I also wonder where “statistics” come in, although I’ve got an inkling that maybe this is where the “floating people” come in. There’s amazing things you can do to statistics, such as the poor proverbial guy that gets shot every two minutes (or so) in New York City…

    Oh well, how again was my professor of statistcs’ saying? “Never trust a statistic you didn’t falsify yourself!”

  40. 45

    Вы правы. не пробует объяснить странные теории. Мы только хотим, чтобы Вы знали о них. Хорошо, когда люди спорят, потому что они имеют различные мнения. Этим путем, правда будет наконец преобладать.

  41. 46

    Never hear of this site, but this first taste (through digg) is VERY VERY bad. This piece is total bullshit (NON SENSE). WE can count for ourselves and just refer to the known law of physics like Gauss theorem. Anyone thinking that the Earth gravity could get so weak that we would “float like astronauts” is a fool who doesn’t understand anything about physics…
    Maybe it’ a joke, but most of the comments here are scary to say the least, even if they are only half serious …
    Don’t make the story like this again in the future without proofs and could contradict with the laws of physics.
    These people who states bullshit was not have many jobs. We need scientists to solve the theory of everything….OK.

  42. 48

    I believe there are variances in the Earth’s gravity and I also believe that we may be missing some of the relationships between life and gravity. In my view, the only way dinosaurs could have achieved the great sizes they did was due to a lower gravity. This would also make a good argument for the first winged creatures taking flight…sort of a combination of gravity and evolution “working” together. The extinction of the dinosaurs may have been related to the meteor strikes on earth along with an increase in gravity which could have been influenced by the impact, either through a mixing of the gravity generating materials or through the addition of gravity generating materials or a combination of both. Also, I’m not sure a study has been done on how the gravity of a large body, such as the moon or Earth, is affected by impacts of large meteors or comets. There may be an exponential increase to a large body’s gravity when millions or billions of tons of material are added. For example, if you take a meteor that is the size of Mount Everest and there is a slight gravity on the meteor while in space, it may contribute significantly more gravity to the body it hits…more than it produces on it’s own in space. This may also depend on what it is made of as well.

    Again, this would also seem to make sense for the dinosaur extinction that came soon after the widely acceptable impact/extinction theory.

    I would also imagine thousands of volcanoes going off after such an impact, redistributing materials to the surface and mixing up materials deep within the Earth…all of this changing gravity and of course, magnetism as well.

    This may have been the “hat trick” that finished it for the dinosaurs. Low gravity enabling huge animals, meteor impact causing greater gravity which sort of disabled the “big guys” and finally the massive amounts of materials being spewed into the atmosphere and finishing their reign.

    Also, it is quite possible that gravity has slightly lessened over the past couple hundred years as we move materials from below the surface of the planet to the surface and even in the air and space. This lower gravity along with better diet may also explain why humans and other animals are getting larger than they use to be in recent times.

    In closing, I’m sure I will also be considered a crazy like the rest. Subjects such as “dark matter”…what a joke dark matter is…and the universe’s age…get real. Do you really think we came from nothing? Age implies beginning (Coming into existence) and end (death). The Universe is undoubtedly infinite, has always been here and always will be in one form or another. Accordingly, one cannot (should not) speak of the Universe in terms of size as it is infinite. If you must, maybe it can be called “infinitely huge”, but this still seems to put size constraints on it. If you can think of the Universe as never ending, then you pretty much got the picture.

    Forget “dark matter”…just call it universal gravity…that is what it is you know. It’s tugging from everywhere and everything including you.

    Thanks for reading!

    Rich Russell

  43. 49

    There is a theory which explains the changes of gravity at the Earth’s surface. It is at the following website:

    The theory explains the fluctuations in gravity are due to a shift of the Earth’s core, thereby changing the ‘d’ (distance) in Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation. It explains this in the context of dinosaur gigantism and extinction.

  44. 50
  45. 51

    I read the whole site and am very supportive. It seems to take in account more of the total picture and not just one event leading to the end of the dinosaurs.

    Very impressive!

  46. 52

    Wow this article really makes no sense. The magnetic field of the Earth does not produce a gravitational field. They are two distinct and separate forces of nature. This is the most bogus scientific article I have ever read. Wow. Who is responsible for posting this garbage?

  47. 53

    And to Mr Russell lower gravity would not produce larger animals. In fact it would have quite the opposite effect. Stronger gravitational fields would produce larger animals and weaker gravity would produce smaller animals. Stronger gravity would produce larger animals who are able to stand up to the force of the gravity. They would have to grow larger to support their larger structures and muscles. Also, in a weaker gravity environment, animals would react by becoming smaller. I mean can you imagine a massively muscled animal in a low gravity environment moving around with far too much ease? Jumping 100 meters into the air with no problem? This simply doesn’t make any sense.

  48. 54

    think of gravity in terms of a black hole. black holes have a gravity thousands if not millions of times greater than that of the sun that created it, but odly enough the sun and the black hole it created have the same (or roughtly same) ammount of mass (before black hole starts consuming everything). anyway, we will look at a newly formed black hole for simplicity sake, same mass of sun that created it but much more gravity. this is due to to the density of the black hole. gravity is measured from the pit or center of the object that gravity is coming from, not by its mass. if it went soly on mass, when the sun was above you, it would pull you away fromt he earth as it has much greater gravity, but this is not the case. the earth keeps you even though it has less gravity. this is becaus you are closer to the core of the earth. what i am trying to say is that the closer you are to the core (or in some cases the most dense part of the object) the greater the gravity is. hense, in a black hole you can get closer to the densest part of the object than you could with, oh lets say the sun that created it, and that is why the gravity is more. now lets look at the earth, if it is “breathing” then the density of the center of the earth lessens, as the density of the center lessesns, the less gravity takes effect on the average person, hense lighter weight. now 10% might be off, but i can definatley see how his theory might show slight changes in weight. (this can be closely related to why you weigh less on a mountain top than at sea level =-D)
    PS sorry about grammar and spelling, i know it sucks.

  49. 55

    AG, your intuitive comment and direct implementation of such a simple concept (gravity) is correct. though the moving mass of molten metal is dynamic and ever changing its associated mass remains constant. in addition, the earth gains “tons” of weight each year in the form of galactic space mass (dust, meteorites, ect…) simple observation would then state earths gravity is projected to increase. The subject of heated moving metal and its associated physical processes is more of a magnetic field issue than a gravity issue.

  50. 56
  51. 57
  52. 58

    Хм… что-то у меня ссылка не открывается, которую указали. Это у всех так, или только у меня?

  53. 59

    …xmmmm, y mira (y)est dishanie. ser’ëznoct’=bremya=cahuitl(N),
    cf., tletl blogspot katok.

  54. 60

    …g(r)avity g/ca uitl(N)=time. the lousier life gets on the planet,
    time shrinks, the less expansive we are and poorer in spirit(can’t get much lower), there is a corresponding shrinkage of meaningful time due to wage slavery, genocide, poverty, all-mighty dollah
    exploitation, utter lack of management by governments who become
    an enemy of their people. time=cauitl(N)=gravity. the spirit of language tells us this directly: we don’t listen. the hum of our own power and desires blocks out understanding, connecting, every-
    thing is a personality contest, we are postage, mailed(pun)to the
    planet, delivered, not opened, and put in dead letter file, emptied
    every lifetime.

  55. 61

    …the flowing of being is what cauitl(N) means, ca/being uitl/whittle(if you like, a paring/pairing), and cauitl=time,
    but, through letra= c/g(r)avid/t/l, g(r)avity. now, gravid=pregnant,
    so one can see, flowing of being=cauitl, is appropriate. as time/
    cauitl whittles us away we actually become heavier, the majority,
    but a minority become lighter(not often), so time/cauitl/gravity
    produces a flux of gravity in our being/ca(N), great pu(n), usually
    making it heavier. for a watch/time to work, gravity/time is essential, altho clocks do work in a vacuum and through atmospheres
    of pressure as well. would a watch work without time? no, it
    wouldn’t have anything to measure(the chicken and the egg), so we can one say that time/the chicken has to come before the cluck
    and that gravity/cauitl/time comes before the fall, or, that
    a chicken has to be a chicken before it can cluck. tks. where did
    feathers come from? it must be the fault of time and gravity.
    my head feels heavy, time to rest.

  56. 63

    …e=mc2, yesli, m=13=bookva,13,abc, potom, c=3=ab3, vot,
    e=13×9(3×3)= 117= 1/5 vokroug olena/venus(chelnok svezdá/585),
    daleé, 5=coatl(N)=snaka(OE)snake(E)nacatl(N)=myaso=mazatl(N)=
    olen=deer=deor(OE)= d/teot/l/r(letra)=teotl(N)=teo theo deo.
    daleé, olen/ollin(N)=cvyatoy.

  57. 64
  58. 65
  59. 66
  60. 67
  61. 68

    think of it as in trees the rason the grow as tall they do is high as gravity allows. with a higher gravity it would take too much energy for the trees flow water wards. same with blood systems. it’s not crzy do the math on a big winged dinosaur. all the birds that fly today are small in comparison to all land animals for good reason and with their bones that are much weaker thn are bones are lighter to allow them to fly. so if a much larger animal were to fly with their bones they would break them with the force it took for them to lift off.

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