Daily crosswords linked to sharper brain later in life

Your granny is on to something here.

What creature plans and understands what’s in store? Quoth the raven, Nevermore

They’ve outsmarted all primates, and even four-year-old children.

They’re everywhere on facebook, and now scientists have stored a GIF inside a living bacteria with the help of CRISPR

It’s the first time CRISPR was used to store and retrieve media from DNA.

Adolescent girls and boys may experience depression differently

Your gender might have a say in how people experience mental disorders.

One in five bots sharing fake news during France’s presidential election were also involved in the United States’

Oh my, now isn’t this a very strange coincidence?

The internal urge to eliminate uncertainty favors conspiracy theories

Cognitive closure might compel some to love tinfoil.

Facebook: where relationship builders, town criers, window shoppers, and selfies come to chat

Which one are you?

Scientists decode complex sentences with ‘mind reading’ tech

The mind is not the closed book we think it is.

Older fathers tend to raise geekier children

Age matters!

You’re dumber when your smartphone is within reach


Extra-virgin olive oil might prevent Alzheimer’s and protect your brain

It’s really, really good for you.

Meaning is better than repetition when you’re trying to memorize

Try it for finals.

Cute animal therapy can be exactly what you need to put the spark back into your marriage

Then again, do you really need a reason to take “cute animal therapy”?

Making art activates your brain’s pleasure pathway

Scientists suggest we should spend a bit more time doodling.

Abnormal chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA might explain why suicide seems to favor some people

People kill themselves for all sorts of reason, but there’s a genetic makeup to it too.

Suppressing reasoning side of the brain with harmless electrical zaps enhances creativity

Put that thinking cap on.

Baby brain scans and machine learning algorithm can predict autism

Even diagnosing autism is difficult, let alone predict it — from a single scan!

Scientists got an image of a person’s face just by scanning a monkey’s brain

They’ve cracked the code!

Even moderate drinking can damage your brain, new study finds

Please be moderate in your moderation.

Virtual reality out-of-body experience makes people less fearful of death

Virtual reality is not just a buzz word — it’s a real game changer.