The Earth had continental crust much earlier than thought — potentially life, too

The Earth’s ‘young’ phase might have been much shorter than we assume.

Gemstones prove asteroid impact was the hottest event ever recorded on Earth

That spot is not a lake in cold, snow-covered Canada.

This is the oldest known piece of our planet – a 4.4 billion-year-old gem

Using two different dating technique, geologists have come across what they believe to be the oldest piece of Earth discovered thus far. The zircon crystal, found on a sheep ranch in Western Australia , was confirmed to be 4.4 billion years old and offers tantalizing clues and insights on how our planet must have looked like in its infancy. To put things

Ancient, long-lost continent found under the Indian Ocean

Evidence of drowned remnants of an ancient microcontinent have been found in sand grains from the beaches of a small Indian Ocean island, according to a new research. Zircons and volcanoes This evidence was found in Mauritius, a volcanic island 900 kilometres east of Madagascar which serves as an exotic destination for many tourists. Basaltic rocks from the island have