Youtube will show fact checking for sensitive topics like vaccination

Youtube will start showing “information boxes” — brief fact-checking bits that debunk some of the most common and dangerous scientific misconceptions. In some areas, Youtube is already showing this type of box for conspiracy theories; now, it will be¬†expanding it to other types of sensitive topics like vaccination. The feature is currently available in India, one of Youtube’s largest markets

Youtube now adds facts below conspiracy theory videos

This is probably a good thing, but it remains to be seen whether it will actually make a difference.

Google teams up with Stephen Hawking and launches teenage space experiment contest

The most popular video sharing website in the world, YouTube, has teamed up with NASA and several other key figures from the scientific community to launch YouTube Space Lab, a global effort challenging students between the ages of 14 and 18 to design an experiment that can be conducted in space. I know there are a lot of teenaged readers

YouTube releases live broadcasting service

Although the Google supervised social video sharing website YouTube has been dabbling for years now with live broadcasting, most of the time with concerts (U2 events mostly) or political ralleys (the CitizenTube should be famous enough by now for you to recognize the example), it’s only recently that the company has announced that they’ve officially rolled out Youtube Live –