Synthetic wood is fire and water resistant

It’s also as crush-resistant as natural wood.

Novel nanocomposite material might prevent shipwrecks from rotting

The technique is being trialed on the English warship Mary Rose.

Tokyo announces plan to build 350-meter skyscraper made from wood

A breathtaking, wood-based skyscraper.

Strong as steel and lightweight? Must be superdense wood

Wooden’t you try this building material?

Parasitic wooden cubes level up 1970s Parisian building with more space, more energy efficiency

Companion cubes!

Harvesting sustainable wood for guitars: Mahogany

The guitar industry has set a great example with mahogany.

The world’s tallest timber building opens in Canada – ahead of schedule

The towering Brock Commons is the world’s biggest structure made from wood.

GeoPicture of the Week: Petrified Wood

Just like a number of creatures, wood can fossilize too.

This transparent wood is stronger than glass

Using a chemical technique, researchers removed the complex organic polymers that give wood its characteristic appearance and, in the process, made the wood transparent. The see-through wood was then imbued with epoxy which made the material stronger than glass.

KTH researchers develop transparent wood for use in building and solar panels

Wood, one of the cheapest and most widely used construction materials humanity has ever employed, has just had its range of uses expanded; Researchers at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology have developed a method of turning wood transparent that’s suitable for mass production.

Skyscrapers made out of wood: a feeble idea or a mark of the future?

Up until the mind XIXth century most homes and buildings were made out of wood, a readily available and cheap material. However, like we all know wood is easily flammable and caused a myriad of issues, especially in urban environments. How many times were whole cities at risk of being whipped out by flames? Rome? London? Once concrete, steel, aluminium