Why adding water to whiskey makes it taste better, or so some scientists claim

Diluting whiskey with a touch of water can enhance its taste.

Chemists develop innovative way to spot fake whiskey — using glowing dyes

The same method could be applied for juices, wines, or even drugs.

Ballantine creates whiskey glass to be used in zero G, spill free

Scottish manufacturer Ballantines comes to the aid of space-dwellers the world round (and beyond) with a new, high-tech glass that promises to make getting hammered with style in space a reality.

Japan will send whiskey to the ISS – all in the name of science

Distillers have long been interested in the particularities of the aging process, and how to mature the drink to bring out that specific, mellow flavor we search for in a glass of quality whiskey. Japanese based distillers Suntory set their hopes high for what they feel is the next big thing for whiskey aging – as high as the ISS, to be specific. They announced earlier this week that several samples of their beverage will be sent to the ISS with the intent to study the “development of mellowness in alcoholic beverage through the use of a microgravity environment.”