Legal recreational marijuana wreaks havoc on illegal markets, study finds

Drug users seem not to like drug dealers that much — not if they have an alternative, anyway.

Cannabis legalization increases traffic fatalities — but mostly in neighboring, un-legalized states

It’s probably because of all the people driving interstate to get high, then driving back already high, the researchers believe.

Marijuana legalization helps decrease opioid consumption, research shows

In states where both recreational and medical marijuana was legalized, opioid prescriptions dropped about 14%.

Plot twist: Cannabis component might actually help fight addiction, study concludes

A preclinical study using rats shows that Cannabidiol can reduce the risk of relapse.

Marijuana Scientists Are Getting High Wages

By the year 2020, it is predicted the marijuana science industry will be employing about 300,000 individuals.

Marijuana use among teenagers drops to lowest since 1994, despite widespread legalization

Legal or not, teens aren’t that interested in cannabis anymore.

One in Eight Americans say they regularly smoke pot — almost double since 2013

Pot is becoming very popular among Americans. Or it’s always been, but we’re only beginning to find out.

No, silly, NASA won’t pay you to smoke weed in bed for three months

Dammit, people!

Start-up develops new robot that identifies and removes weeds

Start-up company Deepfield Robotics has developed a field vehicle that can distinguish weeds from useful crops and eliminate them.

Smoking skunk might triple the risk of psychosis

South Londoners who smoke skunk weed – a much more potent strain of cannabis – were found to be three times more likely to register at hospitals with first-episode psychoses, according to a study made by British researchers. The research has many shortcomings though, as is to be expected from a case-control design where it’s always difficult to account for external variables. As the old saying goes, correlation does not equal causation, so take these findings with a grain of salt. The study is valuable however considering it’s among the few which actually considered the relationship between cannabis use and psychosis, often ignored by mainstream cannabis research. Cannabis is used by millions of people worldwide, yet its long-term effects are seriously under reported.

Only 6% of Marijuana research studies medical benefits, says Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is an established neurosurgeon, but you all might know him better as┬áCNN’s chief medical correspondent through the various live interventions he’s had along the years on television as well as some feature documentaries. Last night, his most recent documentary, called “WEED”, premiered on CNN as you might have already guessed, it’s all about marijuana and its medicinal

Captain obvious presents his 5 favorite studies from 2009

It’s been a busy year indeed, especially with the LHC doing it’s thing again, Hubble was repaired and there was a lot of medical research being done, even with more money being invested in advertising than research. However, last year was also remarkable for the… not so remarkable studies, to say the least. In that line, here are the best