Physical, encryption-like method could help the world finally get rid of nukes

“You can hack electronics, but you can’t hack physics,” says lead author Areg Danagoulian.

Sci-fi buffs everywhere, rejoyce! The UK military is developing laser weapons

The prototype should be delivered in 2019.

Weapons shouldn’t be able to decide themselves to end a life – Hawking, Musk, Wozniak sign letter requesting the ban of autonomous weapons and military AI

A very large number of scientific and technological luminaries have signed an open letter calling for the world’s governments to ban the development of “offensive autonomous weapons” to prevent a “military AI arms race.”

Laser weapon demonstrated aboard US Navy ship – the weapons of the future

Shells and bullets have evolved significantly in the past couple hundred years since they were first used, but in principle they’ve remained the same – discharge an explosive to propel a projectile.┬áThe 21st century might finally make way to a new class of widespread weaponry based on lasers. These are powerful, much more accurate than any explosive projectile and can