Humans have killed 60% of all animals since 1970

Things are not hopeless, but we need to act — now.

How humans are bringing tigers to the brink of extinction

It’s a tough time to be a tiger.

Yorkshire’s endangered Amir tigers cubs celebrate their first birthday

Yorkshire Wildlife Park celebrated their youngest trio of Amur tigers’ first birthday in style on Tuesday. Hector, Harley and Hope were filmed on their journey from adorable cubs to adorable ferocious predators and, to mark the landmark occasion, the park released an adorable video showcasing how they’ve grown.

Asian tigers now at risk from virus normally affecting domestic dogs

As reported earlier on ZME, as little as three thousand tigers are currently alive today in the wild from six subspecies, or thirty times fewer than 100 years ago. Loss of habitat and poaching are the main drivers that brought these majestic cats at the brink of extinction. Now, a new threat might put tigers at an even greater risk:

13 countries make a plan to save tigers

Just a short while ago, I was telling you about the extremely worrying decline of the Siberian tigers (and not just them). It’s obvious that if nothing changes, the odds are they’ll be going extinct, perhaps even during our lifetime (which is the case for numerous mammals, actually. Russia and a dozen other Asian countries had a meeting and signed