Novel air-breathing electric thruster might mantain satellites in low orbit

It uses air molecules as fuel to beat drag.

The ‘Impossible EmDrive’ will soon be tested in outer space

Hands-on experiments will help us finally get to the bottom of this thing.

Wall-Less Hall drives poised to unlock space colonization

French scientist working on the Hall thrusters — an advanced type of engine that harnesses a stream of plasma to generate forward momentum — have recently figured out a way to optimize them, allowing them to run on (wait for it) a staggering 100 million times less fuel than conventional chemical rockets. The research has been published in Applied Physics Letters.

NASA confirms “Impossible” propellant-free microwave thruster works

Designs for a device called a “microwave thruster” were proposed in 2006. While the device was physically sound and followed the principles of relativity, it has been dismissed by researchers¬†who claimed that such a functioning device would defy the law of conservation of momentum.¬†A team from NASA set out to trial the device and see if it works; lo and