Sprawling termite complex from Brazil is visible from space — and 4,000 years old

Technically, it’s piles of construction waste, in the termites’ eyes.

Medical ants rescue and care for injured comrades

The behavior surprised biologists, showing just how complex ants really are.

Termites can hold back deserts by creating oases of plant life

We tend to think of termites as pests, but the tiny insects actually play a crucial environmental role, at least in some areas. New research suggests that termite mounds are crucial to stopping the spread of deserts and preserving the vegetation and climate. The results indicate that termite mounds can not only to stop desertification, but also encourage vegetation to expand

Termite feces works as a natural antibiotic

For some 50 years, scientists have tried — but failed — to find a way to use microbes against termites. What makes these magnificent creatures (which are often destructive for humans, and even regarded as pests) so resistant in the face of very dangerous microbes – designed specifically to kill them? University of Florida researchers believes they have found the