The Earth is flat out spherical — here’s why, and why we’re sure

The only thing flat earthers fear is sphear itself!

Mathematicians deliver formal proof of Kepler’s conjecture

Kepler published this conjecture in 1611. Now, the human mind and computer algorithms have managed to solve it.

The sun has the closest geometry to the perfect sphere found in nature

The sun has been extensively studied by astronomers for the last 50 years. While previous research suggested that the the sun is slightly  sun bulged a bit around the middle , making it very slightly flying-saucer shaped,  new measurements however taken by a satellite  suggest that its shape is the closest to that of a perfect sphere in nature. Previously, a

NASA shows that Sun is not a sphere

Using the RHESSI spacecraft, scientists managed to calculate the Sun’s roundness with a level of precision that surpasses anything of this type that has been attempted before. They found that the star which the Eart rotates around is not quite a sphere, but it has a thin “cantaloupe skin”. This skin causes the equatorial radius to become a bit larger