‘Self-aware’, predatory, digital slug mimics the behavior of the animal it was modeled on

Printing brains on PC circuits seems to be all the rage nowadays.

Want to work on NASA’s software and get paid for it? You’ll love this challenge

Enter the High Performance Fast Computing Challenge.

AI can write new code by borrowing lines from other programs

So it begins.

A software bug could render the last 15 years of brain research meaningless

Some 40,000 studies need to be re-examined. Ouch.

Lie detector uses high-profile court cases to spot cheats better a human

Researchers used certain telltale signs of lying from over 120 high-profile court cases to teach an algorithm how to spot the best liars. U

Software partnership makes online fundraising easier

Online charity will get even simpler, as Mineris Solutions, one of the most important payment processors in North America, and Global Cloud, known for providing the popular fundraising software DonorDrive, recently closed a partnership. “They’re one of North America’s largest, most reputable payment processors. In addition, they have considerable experience working with the nonprofit community and understand their fundraising and

Cellular operating system set to revolutionize synthetic biology

University of Nottingham researchers are currently involved in synthetic biology project, whose scope and prospects are so ambitious, that if successful it will completely revolutionize the field of science. Their aim – developing programmable cellular life which can work as an “operating system.” Currently, scientists are looking studying how to make the E. coli bacteria programmable, and if their trials

National Geographic wallpaper software

Just a few days ago I was telling you about the APOD Wallpaper software, that automatically changes when a picture is uploaded to APOD. This time, the software is a bit different. It has to be said, some of the best pictures and wallpapers ever have been posted on National Geographic, but downloading them is somewhat of a problem, considering

APOD Wallpaper software

In case you don’t know, APOD is short for Astronomy Picture Of the Day. It’s home of some awesome astronomy pictures. Anyway, recently I came across this software that takes the latest APOD picture and sets is at your background, so you can see these great images each day, without lifting a finger. It also adds a description. I tested