Just a few days ago I was telling you about the APOD Wallpaper software, that automatically changes when a picture is uploaded to APOD. This time, the software is a bit different. It has to be said, some of the best pictures and wallpapers ever have been posted on National Geographic, but downloading them is somewhat of a problem, considering there are over 5000 to go around.

Well, that’s all been taken care of ! The Nat Geo freeware (download here) lets you take those lovely images of nature and set them as your wallpaper with just a click. The program also takes care of your resolution, and adapts the picture to it.

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National Geographic has promised there will be constant updates and added packages to the software:

Future builds will add even more packs like: History, Adventure, Traveler, Sea Monsters, Seabed, Blue Earth, Green Earth, Forces of Nature, Lewis & Clark, Roar and many more! (As you can see, I have my hands full, so don’t miss out on these great wallpapers when they’ll be added!)

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