Cloud-free exoplanet provides best evidence of sodium in planets outside our solar system so far

A cloudless exoplanet has become a benchmark for astronomers to gauge sodium content in alien worlds.

Chinese food is too salty and should have label warnings, study calls

There’s too much salt in our foods, and Chinese is no exception.

Having a healthy diet doesn’t offset high salt consumption

A right doesn’t necessarily mend a wrong.

Atom-by-atom chart of living fossil’s shell could hold the key to understanding past climate

These tiny beings could hold a huge store of data.

What happens when you throw a pound of Sodium like a skipping stone in a river

Warning: Don’t try this at home!

Teens: Forget the salt, eat more bananas

In the modern world, we tend to eat more salt than we should, and that can have several negative impacts on our body, including higher blood pressure – or so we thought. But a new study on teenage girls found that salt has no negative effect on blood pressure; bananas do. “It may be that potassium is more of a

Developing antimony nanocrystals for better batteries

Researchers from ETH Zurich and Empa have for the first time succeeded in creating uniform antimony nanocrystals. These nanocrystals are able to store a large number of both lithium and sodium ions, operating at a very high rate – in normal English, this means that they can potentially be used as alternative anode materials in future high-energy-density batteries. Antimony (also