Will self-driving cars reshape the way we travel?

A change is coming.

Google’s self-driving minivans will hit the streets in a few weeks

The future is now.

Watch Tesla’s new completely self-driving cars in action

This is so cool!

Google’s self driving cars are already on the streets – monthly public updates will be made

Self-driving cars were one of those technologies that we sort of visualized as part of the future, much like jetpacks or hoverboards… but it seems like the future is already here, at least for driverless cars (you’ve got a lot to prove, Lexus!). Google’s cars are already hitting the street in California.

Audi gets California’s first autonomous driving permit

Audi announced that it will be the first auto manufacturer to receive an autonomous driving permit from the state of California. Driverless cars are big right now – so big that the University of Michigan is building a fake city just to test them out. But what’s even more interesting is California’s law about driverless cars – the state of

The University of Michigan is building a fake city for self-driving cars

If fully developed, driverless cars are faster, cheaper, safer and more eco-friendly than human drivers. The only problem is, if you want them to work fine, you have to test them in real conditions – and few cities are willing to volunteer for that. But with California approving self-driving cars in 2015, and China also investing huge money in a similar

California approves self-driving cars by 2015

The world has been toying with the idea of driverless cars for years now, but California is really taking it to the next level – they will probably make self-driving cars legel by 2015. If you’ve seen the movies with Google’s ‘chandelier’ topped autonomous cars driving down the street, you may have assumed the technology is legal, but that’s not really

Volvo’s first self-driving cars now being tested live on public roads in Sweden

Self driving cars are hitting the road in Sweden! Volvo Car Group’s “Drive Me” project involving 100 cars is now being tested in the streets in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Apparently, everything is going out just fine: “The test cars are now able to handle lane following, speed adaption, and merging traffic all by themselves,” says Erik Coelingh, Technical Specialist atVolvo Car Group.