The devastating state of ocean pollution in one depressing photo

The author wishes this photo ‘didn’t exist’.

Seahorses have the fastest evolving genome

Seahorses are even more spectacular than we thought.

Genes show how the seahorse got its cute snout and became such a great father

Male seahorses can get ‘pregnant’ and a new study can tell us how.

Seahorses may inspire new generation of armored robots

Seemingly small and delicate, seahorses are actually much more resilient than they look. Engineers have demonstrated that the seahorses’ prism-like tails are mechanically superior to the cylindrical ones; the discovery could lead to the development of more resilient robots. There are 54 species of seahorses, and while they may be significantly different one from the other, all feature a segmented bony

New Seadragon Species Discovered After 150 Years – Ruby Seadragon Uses Color as Camouflage

Until now, only two species of seadragon had been reported, with the last one being discovered 150 years ago! Now, biologists have discovered a new species off the coast of Australia: a red hot sea dragon. “All this time we thought that there were only two species,” marine biologist Nerida Wilson of the Western Australia Museum said in a press release. “Suddenly,

Extremely rare baby seahorse sighting

Seahorses are just as elusive as they are cute, so diver Neil Garrick-Maidment, the executive director of the Seahorse Trust was absolutely thrilled when he spotted a 1.5 inch long baby female seahorse “clinging onto a piece of seagrass”. This trule remarkable sighting was made in the waters of Great Britain, in the Dorset waters, a region well known as