Older adults less likely to recognize their errors

Don’t let this fuel the inter-generation conflict though.

What your pupil says about your language

A simple word is enough to trigger a reaction in your pupil.

Arousal makes us more confident in what we perceive, study finds

Stressed, excited, or scared — our brain kicks perception up a notch when we’re aroused.

Why goats have really weird rectangular pupils

Ever took a moment to stare a goat in the eyes? If you have, you might have noticed something really weird: their pupils are horizontal rectangular.

Good quality breakfast linked to better performance in school

Cardiff University public health experts have discovered a powerful link between a pupil’s breakfast quality and their performance at school. The study – the largest to date looking at how nutrition influences school performance — recorded the breakfast habits of 5000 pupils aged 9 through 11, and their results in the Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments 6-18 months later.

Pupil shape reveals what kind of animal you are

Your eyes are a window to your soul, or so the saying goes – but a new research suggests that the pupil shape and size have a lot to do with an animal’s nature. Hunters like cats tend to have vertical pupils, while horizontally elongated pupils are generally plant eaters. Pupils are the eyes’ aperture – they’re black because light