New ‘Golden’ Potato packed with Vitamin A and E could fight malnutrition in developing nations

A new GMO crop could help millions with micronutrient deficiencies.

From fiction to reality: scientists grow potatoes in Mars-like conditions

Interplanetary potato, yeah!

UK Food agency starts campaign against potatoes which pose cancer risk

Too much potato is bad for you, OK?

Meet Chuño, a space worthy food that the Incas made eight centuries ago

It’s got an impressive shelf-life for something you prepare by leaving outside for a few nights then stomping on it.

Canadian Food Agency approves the sale of Simplot’s Innate potato in Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA) and Health Canada have approved Simplot’s genetically engineered Innate potato for sale throughout the country. The first generation of Innate potatoes have passed food safety assessments, and are considered as just as safe and healthy as unaltered spuds.

Chimps cook if given the chance, study shows

Chimps not only have the brain power to understand the concept of cooked food, but they are willing to delay eating raw food if they know they can cook it. This highlights impressive cognitive abilities, such as the foresight and patience to resist their urge of eating food.