Pollen clouds cover south-east USA causing allergy spikes

We’re at the peak of allergy season.

Insecticides and low floral diversity are driving bumblebees into the ground

Each year, queens have to re-establish their colonies. Human activity, however, is making it very hard for them to do so.

Sick bees take care of themselves by eating better quality food

Sadly the study makes no mention of chicken soup.

Bees prefer rural flowers to urban ones, new study indicates

Bees are more of the rural type, it seems.

Pollen may actually influence weather

Spring – for some people it’s the most beautiful time of the year, when the snows melt, the sun shines brighter and hotter and everything turns green, while for others, it’s hell on Earth. For people with allergies, especially pollen allergies, spring is sneeze season. But as some researchers found, pollen does more than trigger a nasty allergy – it can actually influence the weather.

Amber fossil shows early reproduction in flowering plants

A cluster of 18 flowering plants from the Cretaceous (100 million years ago) has been found preserved in amber Among the flowers, one shows the earliest reproduction of flowering plants Based on microscopic imaging, paleontologists conclude that the pollination mechanism has remained virtually unchanged Amber is fossilized tree resin, valued as a gem since prehistoric times. It is also used