Fishermen want to address the problem of marine litter — and should be involved in cleaning programs

Some encouraging news in a sea of trouble.

You’re eating a credit card’s worth of plastic each week, study says

We each consume about five grams of microplastics each week.

The governments of 187 countries agreed to limit international plastic movement — but the US is not among them

It’s good news, with a bad twist.

Plastic pollution may harm marine bacteria that produces 5% of the world’s oxygen

One of the world’s most fascinating tiny creature may be threatened by chemicals from marine plastic debris.

Balloons are the most dangerous plastic pollution for seabirds

Balloons might be fun at parties but they become deadly serious once they reach the ocean.

Just a few pieces of plastic are enough to kill sea turtles

And the situation is getting worse.

Renewable material made from crab shells and trees could replace plastic film packaging

The new packaging is compostable and keeps food fresher longer than plastic wrapping.

The devastating state of ocean pollution in one depressing photo

The author wishes this photo ‘didn’t exist’.

Trump Administration reverses ban on plastic water bottles in America’s national parks. ‘Corporate agenda is king,’ say environmentalists

The latest in a long running-list of anti-environmental measures by the President and team.