Key ingredient for life on Earth may have come from outer space

Phosphates forged in space made their way to Earth on comets and asteroid.

The forests won’t fix our CO2 problem — in fact, they’ll scrub less than we assumed

Humanity gives with one hand and takes with the other. We just take a lot more than we give.

Meteorites crashing into early Earth might have supplied all the precious biocompatible phosphorus

Scientists track how a critical chemical element for life got to our planet.

New study debunks preposterous claims of arsenic-thriving bacteria

In 2010, a NASA study published in the journal Science heralded the discovery of a bacteria, called GFAJ-1, which the authors at the time claimed it substitutes arsenic for phosphorus to survive. This contravened with the elemental recipe for life, where phosphorus is essential, stirring a wave of controversy within scientific community, as it would mandate a reformulation of the basic requirements

New MRI technique allows 3-D imaging of non-living material

Researchers at Yale University have successfully mange to utilize a novel MRI technique to 3-D image the insides of hard and soft solids, like bone and tissue, opening the way for a new array of applications, like previously difficult to image dense objects. Typically, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can produce a 3-D image of an object by using an array of