Over 13 tons of pangolin scales have been seized in a single bust in Singapore

We need to save the pangolins — and this is the first step.

Pangolin poaching is driving the species extinct, despite international trade ban

Please stop.

The world’s most trafficked animal: the pangolin

This gentle and secluded creature is called a pangolin. Bet you’ve never heard of him. It looks sort of like a walking pinecone, a dragon or a dinosaur. It’s tongue is as long as its body and can curl, then roll in a scaly ball. It’s a pretty amazing animal and it’s a shame so few people know of its existence. But more worrisome is that the pangolin might cease to existence entirely, with or without we knowing about it. Many believe it’s the most trafficked animal in the world.

China Officially Outlaws Eating Endangered Animals

China has finally clarified the legislation regarding the consumption of endangered species. It remains to be seen if the law will be enforced, but at least, it’s clear for everybody that it is illegal to eat endangered animals or take their body parts for trophies. Poaching, cruelty and endangered animals The phrasing of the legislation was pretty strange, with some