Pakistan just planted one billion trees to tackle deforestation and climate change

Talk about pulling your weight!

Study: Pakistan’s public school textbooks portray non-Muslim citizens as “religiously inferior, scheming and intolerant”

Religion should be promoting peace, not this…

Drones capture amazing climbing sights from the Karakoram mountain range

Spy drones have been used by the US government on a various occasion in Pakistan to gather intelligence from the tribal area bordering Afghanistan, known for its close ties with terrorist organisations. Most recently, however, drones have been used to capture some mind blowing photos of sights otherwise completely inaccessible. The latest venture follows renowned climbers David Lama and Peter Ortner

India – Pakistan border is so bright it can be seen from outer space (shorties)

Taken from outer space, this dazzling picture shows that the border between India and Pakistan unlike it has ever been seen before. The stunning picture taken from the International Space Station also shows busy cities as bright clusters hundreds of miles apart. The indian government made this decision toerect floodlights along the terrain separating India and Pakistan in the Gujarat