Eye blood vessels linked to IQ and cognitive functions – in other words, the back of your eye may indicate brain health

According to a new research published in Psychological Science, the width of blood vessels in the retina may indicate your brain health. Previous studies have already shown that younger people who score relatively low on IQ tests tend to be poorer and have a shorter lifespan — however, it’s still a matter of debate if this has a physiological cause,

Digital contact lens grants Terminator-vision

A group of ophthalmologists and optoelectronics scientists are currently working on contact lens that can display information directly to the retina. So far the device is quite rudimentary, displaying only one well focused pixel, however further research might allow individuals wearing this special computerized lenses to read e-mails, receive real time notifications of important events or even acquire Terminator-style lock-on. All as easy as

Researchers decode 18th century secret German society code

A team of Swedish scientists paired with a USC researcher to crack the Copiale Cipher, thus revealing secret rituals and beliefs of a secret German society that had a fascination for ophtalmology. Thousands of old and obscure symbols filled over 100 pages of text which was found in Berlin towards the end of the Cold War. For USC computer scientist