Paying attention shuts down ‘brain noise’ that isn’t related to what we’re looking for

You can miss the forest for the trees, or the trees for the forest.

Loud noises are bad for your heart — and your cells

More and more evidence suggests that chronic noise causes cardiovascular diseases.

Living near noisy traffic makes it harder for women to get pregnant

Sleep quality might have something to do with the reported findings.

Yesterday, US officials said you had no right to online privacy — we don’t agree so here’s Internet Noise to help you out

The pen is mightier than the sword — the keyboard will be mightier than the mallet.

Brain network that picks words from the background noise revealed

Our brains are really good at sifting through information.

Map of the United States’ quietest and noisiest places

Speaking at the 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting, US researchers showed a coloured map of the quietest regions in the United States, based on  1.5 million hours of acoustical monitoring from places as remote as Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and as urban as New York City. Apparently, the eastern half of the country is much more loud than the western half. The

Loud Music Can Stimulate Your Brain

 Music is LIFE Music makes the world go round, but in recent years youngsters have been warned about listening to too much music at high volumes, advising that it may cause hearing loss in later life. Contrary to this, research in the last few years into the positive reactions of listening to loud music has taken place, and offers an

The world’s most annoying sound: whining

Ghastly nails on a blackboard or deafening sires don’t come any close to a infant’s whining as far as annoying sounds are concerned, according to a recent study from SUNY New Paltz. In a fairly simple approach, researchers asked study participants to solve various math problems while a background noise was playing. Six sounds were chosen, namely screeching saw on