Netherlands announces plans to phase out coal plants by 2030, puts coal’s future in Europe at doubt

More like Nether-nocoalburninghere-lands.

The Netherlands is shutting down prisons. It doesn’t have enough criminals, and prisons aren’t effective at rehabilitation

While this is a problem for the country’s 1,900 prison workers losing their jobs… it’s not such a bad problem to have.

All electric Dutch trains are now 100% powered by wind energy

The trains consume as much electricity as all Dutch households.

The Dutch Police will train bald eagles to hunt drones out of the sky

Eagles > Drones.

Offshore wind costs hit record low in new Dutch Project

Two new massive 350MW arrays in the Netherlands will supply power to Dutch people at €87/MWh, which translates into under 10 cents/kWh.

Netherlands is closing down more prisons because there’s no one to fill them with

The Netherlands’ accent on rehabilitation and social re-integration of criminals seems to have finally paid off. The country no longer considers its prisons as economically viable and plans to close down another five such institutions.