National Parks might soon become smarter and more eco-friendly

I, for one, welcome the idea of Smart Parks.

Almost all members of US National Park Service Board resign, citing apathy and indifference

Strike another loss for the good guys.

“Rogue” National Park Twitter Accounts Emerge After Trump Issues Media Ban

It all started when the official Twitter of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota started tweeting climate change facts.

10 Vintage National Park Posters that wanted to cure the Great Depression

When you’re broke, but at least you’ve got nature

Chinese-funded railway will pass through Kenya’s oldest National Park

A $13.8 bn railway project funded by China linking Nairobi to Mombasa will pass right through the Nairobi National Park. Although the park hosts a huge amount of tourism and boasts a very sensitive wildlife, authorities are adamant in seeing the railway built.

Koch-Backed Group Calls for no More National Parks

Remember the Koch brothers? They’re industrialists and businesspeople who own the second largest privately owned company in the United States (with 2013 revenues of $115 billion); their main business is in manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleum.

Ecuador To World: Pay Up To Save The Rainforest. World To Ecuador: Meh.

The government of Ecuador has abandoned a plan that would have kept part of the Amazonian rainforest off limits to oil drilling – as it turns out, one of the world’s biggest and most special natural parks lies on top of one of the world’s biggest (yet) unexplored oil fields; a classic case of nature vs oil, environment vs money.