Gene mutation doesn’t make women diagnosed with breast cancer more likely to die

A gene mutation that makes it likely for women to develop breast cancer doesn’t actually make the disease worse.

Alcohol byproduct causes DNA mutations that might lead to cancer

An alcohol metabolite, acetaldehyde, caused significant DNA  alterations in mice stem cells.

Icelandic family of ten psychotic members helps identify new psychosis-related mutation

One family is helping science make more progress than dozens of study before it.

Mutation in daisies near Fukushima might not be caused by radiation

After a twitter user and photographer from a city 110 km from Fukushima posted photos of mutated flowers, people started to freak out all over the internet that these plants suffered mutations due to the devastating nuclear incident from 2011 in Fukushima, Japan. According to the photographer @san_kaido, the radiation level near the daisies was measured at 0.5 μSv/h at 1m

How a girl that doesn’t feel pain at all might help create the painkillers of tomorrow

Some people are born with the innate ability, or better said disability, of not feeling pain – whatsoever. It’s not that they can’t feel anything, quite on the contrary – they still have a sense of texture, they feel pressure, they can feel a hug or handshake just like anyone, they experience warmth or coldness and so on – it’s

Researchers observe antibodies evolve against HIV

For the first time, scientists have observed in a patient the evolution of an immune molecule that recognizes different HIV types and adapt accordingly. A neutralizing antibody, or NAb is an antibody which defends a cell from an antigen or infectious body by inhibiting or neutralizing any effect it has biologically. They’re your body’s elite force, who get sent in