Along came Alongshan virus, a new tick-borne disease

Data so far suggests that the virus can cause severe illness.

New species of duck-billed dinosaur discovered in the Gobi Desert

“We hope that it will be very useful material for further study of the evolution of hadrosauroids, iguanodintians and ornithopods as well,” the authors write.

Newly discovered toothless dinosaur was surprisingly cute

Some scientists say it was more a bird than a dinosaur.

Mongolian herders were the first horse dentists, 3,000 years ago

Horses continue to be central to Mongolian daily life even thousands of years later.

Newly discovered amphibious dinosaur had swan-like body but killer raptor claws

A crazy dino chimera.

70% of Mongolian nomads now have solar power

In many the vast steppes of Mongolia,┬ásome things have remained unchanged for centuries. But some things have changed, and big time: according to a new report, almost 3 out of 4 Mongolian nomads are now using solar power. Even if your lifestyle is pretty much Medieval, you can still benefit from advanced technology – that’s the reasoning behind a new