You’re eating a credit card’s worth of plastic each week, study says

We each consume about five grams of microplastics each week.

Humans consume around 100,000 microplastics a year

It’s not exactly clear what health effects this plastic has on human health.

It’s official: there’s more plastic in the oceans than ever before

Researchers are calling for change on all levels of society.

EU wants to ban some microplastic production responsible for 400,000 tonnes of pollution in 20 years

The ban doesn’t solve the bulk of microplastics entering EU waters.

Microplastics found in the guts of all sea turtles across the oceans

More than 100 turtles were tested — all had synthetic fibers in their guts.

Humans are now pooping microplastics

It’s the first to show that humans are eating plastic.

Mosquitoes are eating microplastics, which they pass on to the food chain

Ultimately, what the mosquito eats, we eat as well.

The unfabulous reason why glitter should be banned 

Scientists glitter can be a health hazard for wildlife once it ends up in waterways.

Trillions of pieces of plastic in the Arctic ice

The Arctic ocean likely holds trillions of pieces of plastic in ice; as global warming starts to tick in and the ice starts to melt, all those pieces will drift into the oceans. Even though the finding has huge implications, it is so surprising that researchers don’t know yet how bad of an effect this will have on wildlife. The pollutants