Babies born on Mars could diverge from Earthlings within a couple of generations

Mars is a strange place and any humans born there are bound to look radically different.

NASA detects first evidence of a Marsquake

The Mars InSight lander has sensed a quake within the planet.

Yes, there is methane on Mars, new study reports

Exciting times for Mars science.

Mars had giant rivers for billions of years, new study finds

This study offers a vital answer, but also poses a puzzling question.

Curiosity photographs river-like rounded rocks

It’s a hint that Mars had a wet past.

This is Opportunity last view from Mars

NASA just released an amazing 360-degree panorama from the final resting place of the Opportunity rover.

NASA puts InSight experiment on hold because one stubborn rock is blocking their instruments

InSight picked scissors, so it lost to rock.

NASA trains to search for Martian life in world’s driest desert

The Atacama Desert is the most Mars-like environment on Earth.

Spectacular new images show Martian ancient river systems

Did a wet Mars foster life? That’s the big question scientists hope to answer in the future.

InSight lander detects mysterious dips in air pressure on Red Planet (and shares Martian weather forecast)

One day, checking the weather on Mars in real-time will be as easy as googling it.

Ingenious new technique shows Mars’ Mount Sharp to be very porous

Yay for creative science!

InSight beams back first recording of Martian wind

It sounds like a flapping flag.

InSight stretches its solar panels, beams back first clear photo from Mars

Everything is working according to plan on Mars.

Touchdown: NASA’s InSight probe safely lands on Mars

The probe will study ‘marsquakes’.

NASA picks Jezero Crater for Mars 2020 rover landing site

Rocks collected by the new rover will be transported to Earth.

Scientists turn Opportunity’s 5,000th Martian sunrise into music

When science meets art.

Natural batteries formed Mars’ organic carbon

Still no aliens. But this is definitely a cool find!

Mars may yet hold life in salty subsurface waters

Mars may be more life-friendly than we thought.

University creates Mars-like soil — and you can buy it dirt cheap

A way to create a piece of Mars here on Earth — kind of.

Terraforming Mars might be nearly impossible — but Elon Musk isn’t phased about it

A kind reminder that we’re living in paradise.