The elephant bird, the largest bird known to man, was actually nocturnal

It also had a keen sense of smell.

The biggest birds in history were probably nocturnal — and blind

They did, however, have an excellent sense of smell.

Scientists describe world’s largest bird on record — it used to weigh more than many dinosaurs

A newly describe elephant bird species takes the crown for world’s largest bird ever.

Humans arrived on Madagascar 6,000 years earlier than previously thought — so then what killed the elephant bird?

The story of the elephant bird’s extinction just got a lot more interesting.

Invasive toxic toads could trigger an ecological disaster in Madagascar

It’s an ecological time bomb.

Meet the aye-aye: the strangest looking primate in the world

Exclusively found in the north-eastern parts of Madagascar, these peculiarly looking primates may both be the strangest and adorable looking things you’ll see all day.

Panther chameleon is a biological ninja

Scientists have discovered what they thought to a different species of chameleon – but DNA analysis revealed that they were in fact dealing with 11 different species, hiding in plain sight.

Madagascar cave is a graveyard for extinct giant lemurs

Paleontologists diving beneath the surface of a water-filled cave in Madagascar made a monumental find: a graveyard filled with the bones of a wide variety of species,some very rare, other extinct for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Some of the remains that dot the bottom of the Aven Cave in Tsimanampetsotse National Park include those of the extinct elephant bird, a flightless giant similar to an ostrich, but most bones belong to the long-lost giant lemurs.

Bubonic Plague Outbreak Spreads in Madagascar

If you thought the bubonic plague is a thing of the past… then think again! The dreadful disease is making a resurgence in the island of Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa. There have already been 138 suspected cases of the disease, with a total of 47 victims. You may know the black plague as a medieval disease, responsible for

The elephant bird: the largest bird to have ever lived

Once one of Madagascar’s crown inhabitants, the elephant bird (Aepyornis maximus) is considered the largest bird to have ever lived. The first records of the bird are from the 9th century when Saracen and Indian traders visited Madagascar and spoke of legends of the the giant roc (rukh). The elephant bird became rarer and rarer once with the settling of Madagascar’s

Lemurs match the scents and voices of friends

Humans are great social beings because we have an extraordinary ability to distinguish between our fellow bretheren. If you don’t suffer from prosopagnosia, also known as “face blidness”, chances are you’ll be able to easily recognize a friend’s face or voice out of a myrriad of other humans. This kind of mental ability is extraordinary and most often taken for

People eating dirt, literally. Study documents soil, raw starch ingestion in Madagascar

Some people in the world have a different perception of what’s good to eat and what’s not. For instance, it’s customary to this day in many culture around the globe to eat substances that are considered non-foods in the west, like dirt, clay, sand or raw starches like rice, weird roots and so on.  A recent study, one of the

Smallest chameleon, just ONE inch in size, discovered in Madagascar

A team of German and American researchers have discovered four new species of tiny chameleons on the island of Nosy Hara, just off the northern coast of Madagascar, which considered one of the smallest reptiles known to man. Some are so small they can balance on the tip of a match. The  four new species fall under the genus Brookesia,