Artificial intelligence still has severe limitations in recognizing what it’s seeing

They’re endearingly bad at it, to be honest.

An AI recreated the periodic table from scratch — in a couple of hours


Time travel is proven possible — but we’ll likely never be able to build the machine, author says

He named his machine the TARDIS — bonus points for that.

Google’s Neural Machine can translate nearly as well as a human

It all happened because they let the program learn without interference.

Machine learning could solve the US’s police violence issue

By flagging high-risk officers, the system allows police departments to limit the chance for violent events.

This machine 3-D prints metal objects in mid-air

Harvard researchers have demonstrated an all new 3-D printing technique that creates metals objects with complex shapes right in mid-air. This is fundamentally different from the approach of traditional 3-D printers which ooze polymer material layer by layer.

‘Beauty Machine’ turns average into knockout

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, or at least that’s what we used to hear as kids from our parents. Well, scientists say our parents were wrong; after creating a computer that recognizes attractivenes in women , now they managed to create the world’s first beauty machine. While this machine can’t (yet) make you a knockout, it can