Ketamine might relieve depression by repairing brain circuits

Ketamine works its magic in a two-step process that first starts with the repair of brain circuits damaged by depression.

Ketamine nasal spray quickly relieves depression and suicidal thoughts

A novel breakthrough that could save lives.

Scientists discover how ketamine is so good against depression

The team believed that ketamine affected a small part of the brain, called the lateral habenula, also known as the “anti–reward center.”

Ketamine rapidly reduces suicidal thoughts, positive effects linger on for at least six weeks

Besides rapidly reducing depression symptoms, ketamine seems to keep suicidal thoughts at bay as well.

Ketamine has encouraging effects for depression but long-term consequences are still unclear

Ketamine is remarkable against depression but questions remain about the long-term risks.

For the first time, researchers have shown that drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms produce ‘higher’ level of consciousness

However, it’s not exactly better, and it’s probably not the kind of expanded consciousness you’d want.

Ketamine might become our secret weapon against depression

Scientists find the specific brain pathway used by ketamine to relieve depression. Now, it’s possible to design a new drug like ketamine, sans “K hole”.

Straws that change color when exposed to date-rape drugs

After going to a Boston club a few years ago, Mike Abramson, now a Worcester Polytechnic Institute grad, had a few sips from a drink and immediately felt intoxicated. According to him, his drink had been spiked with drugs. The event prompted him to do something about it, and later inspired him to design plastic straws, cups, and stirrers that

Special K for depression

    Well this sure sounds like a good plan to me… Scientists found out that Ketamine (also called Special K if you hang out with the right people), which is used as a horse tranquilizer but also as a club drug could ease depression. Who would have guessed ? Ketamine, which can also cause feelings of detachment, could pave