A history of how computers went from stealing your heart, to stealing your job

They changed our society from the ground up. And will do so again.

There are now more than 9.4 million people working in the renewable energy sector

According to a new report released by an environment and energy consultancy, 9.4 million people globally work in renewable energy, more than at any other point in history.

Clean energy creates more than twice as many jobs than fossil in the US, report finds

Breadwinners > Election winners. Just sayin’.

There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US

Regardless of what one fossil-fuel-lover president may do, renewable energy is thriving in the US.

A CEO’s pay is enough to train all the company’s laid-off coal miners for jobs in sustainable energy

The coal industry is tanking — hundreds of thousands are getting fired, while execs are getting a raise. One startling study found how little it takes to retrain those laid-off.

Half of U.S. jobs at risk of being taken over by computers

  An Oxford study that assessed the risks that the introduction of automation in work sectors currently managed by people might have on employment found that 47% of jobs in the U.S. could be replaced by computers/robots. Most of these jobs are low-wage and routine-based, however the study stresses that once with the advent of more robust computing systems capable