Dracula ants have the fastest body parts known to man: their jaws

After all, they are called Dracula ants.

Mammals’ evolutionary success relied on our ancestors growing very tiny

Sometimes it pays to be the smallest fish in the pond.

Largest pterosaur jaw ever found, recognized three decades after discovery in Transylvania

What’s with the long face?

We owe the shape of our jaws, at least in part, to our ancestors’ love of cheese

Cheese — it literally made your bones what they are.

The first hominids might have evolved in Europe, fossil jaw suggests

Emphasis on might.

Invasive ant has bear trap-like jaw which can propel it through the air

An invasive ant has been sweeping through southeastern United States; it has a jaw like a bear trap, which close faster than almost anything in nature. Naturally, it packs quite a sting, and if that wasn’t enough, it can propel itself through the air like a rocket. “They look like little hammerhead sharks walking around,” said D. Magdalena Sorger. That