Four years ago this island didn’t exist. Now it’s full of vegetation and “mystery mud”

Our planet really is alive.

Chaotic cities are cooler than orderly ones, researchers report

Being science, ‘cool’ here refers to temperatures.

What Greenland’s landscape looks like without any ice

Let’s hope this landscape is never in the open.

A newly formed island in the Pacific might resemble Martian volcanoes

New landforms on Earth could tell us about how ancient ones on Mars formed.

Researchers will drill into one of Earth’s youngest islands to understand how land forms

It’s not even at retirement age yet.

Islands shrink large animals and make smaller animals bigger

The island rule is not a myth, but an evolutionary reality.

A new island was just made in the Pacific Ocean by an underwater volcano

An underwater volcano that’s been spewing ash and lava for the past month just created a new island off the Tonga archipelago. The volcano, called Hunga Tonga, has since stopped erupting and the island might not be long lived. Mostly made of ash and formed around the crater of the volcano, the half-mile long island is expected to erode away

GeoPicture of the week: a mystery spot [FOUND]

I recently received this picture in an email from one of you guys, and while I think this picture is just mind blowing, I didn’t receive any information about where this is located or how it was formed. If you have any tips you can drop, that would be really great! If not… just enjoy this beauty! EDIT: Many thanks

The best single handed invasion attempt ever

Well, it is the best, or the worst attempt ever actually, depends on your point of view. First, a little bit on the background: the attacking force was composed of an unemployed French nuclear physicist, André “mad scientist” Gardes. The defending team was a small island south of Britain named Sark, with a population of about 600 people, no cars

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a garbage island twice as big as France in the Pacific Ocean

I was surprised to talk to a bunch of people today and find out they didn’t know about this, so I figured this is definitely something worth knowing. Here’s the deal. There’s a whole lot of garbage floating around; a whole lot ! Some are above the surface, some are below. What happens is they get sucked in by oceanic

120 million crabs hit the streets

Every year, around this time of year, more than 100 million determined crabs take to the streets in a massive attempt to get to their spawning grounds as soon as possible; as a result, they literally flood the streets in Christmas island, covering the streets and forcing rangers to divert traffic and use some quite creative methods of protecting the

Everything you wanted to know about Easter Island but were too afraid to ask

Geography Easter Island (Rapa Nui in the native Easter Island language) is situated in the southeastern Pacific Ocean – it’s an overseas territory of Chile. It’s the most isolated inhabitated area, and it’s famous for the monumental statues, called moai (pronounced MOE-eye) which have fascinated and baffled people for many, many years; and still, no good explanation stands. As you