French scientists looked at what makes dolphins happy — and they’re very much like us

Quality time with friends makes anyone happy.

Your voice will always sound funny when talking to someone you think is your superior

Hear how unthreatening I am!

Even ‘dumb AI’ can supercharge human activity and efficiency, study reprots

Two heads are better than one.

Emotional computers really freak people out — a new take on the uncanny valley

Be like us, but not us.

Scientists coax Two Photons to interact in Ultra-thin Fiber Glass

Austrian researchers at the Vienna Univ. of Technology (TU Wien) made just two photons interact with each other, a major feat that might have profound implications for quantum technology applications Рcomputing, information teleportation and security. Two photons, one interaction In a free medium, light waves Рand consequently photons Рdo not interact between each other. Sometimes this interaction is desirable,

Facebook profile shows your true personality

Facebook has already caused a major revolution in the way people regard social interaction, but really not much has been said about what your Facebook profile can say about you. It would seem obvious that people make their profiles to portray an idealized version of themselves, augmenting the parts they want augmented and eliminating the flaws. However, scientists were surprised

Social media require ‘Community Relations 2.0’

Imagine an average day in your life; the odds are, it’ll include either logging onto facebook, tweeting, browsing some pics on flickr and videos on youtube, or some of these combined. The blazing speed at which social media is developing is catching many off guard and forcing numerous persons and firms (even corporations) to adapt. However, when it comes to