Income inequality, not gender inequality, leads to female sexualization on social media

Sorry — no sexy selfies here, just science.

You Instagram photos may look cool — but they’re almost certainly not original

Originality is a scarce commodity on the web.

Not art nor Instagram: Food art does not represent reality

Your Instagrams are not original. Painters have been doing it for centuries.

New algorithm can detect depression by Instagram photos

It’s a simple principle which could help improve millions of lives.

Brilliant pictures show life through a tent door

A photo posted by Michael Patrick (@mike_pgregory) on Jun 8, 2015 at 6:07am PDT Few things in life are as rewarding as leaving everything behind and going camping. The sheer serenity and pleasure that often accompanies camping is something that’s hard to rival – and hard to replace. I was quite happy to see theĀ #ourcamplife tag blooming on Instagram, with

Google AI will tell you how many calories there are in your food pics

We’ve all seen them – the food pics are everywhere. Instagram has basically become a food porn haven, with everyone sharing their delicious lunch or snack. But those pics could actually yield valuable information, and tell you how many calories you’re eating.