Few things in life are as rewarding as leaving everything behind and going camping. The sheer serenity and pleasure that often accompanies camping is something that’s hard to rival – and hard to replace. I was quite happy to see the #ourcamplife tag blooming on Instagram, with people sharing the beautiful views from their tents.

Of course, leaving your tent open is not the ideal thing to do as insects and dust can easily get in, but it’s well worth the risk for a shot like this.

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A photo posted by Mirsa Sadikin (@mirsasrim) on

But the “view from the tent” is more than just than just a nice photo – it’s a personal statement. It says “this is all the luxury I need”, this thin structure is all that separates and protects me from nature and I’m having a great time with this. It’s not the most glamorous of shots, but you almost feel like you’re there.

Here is just a small selection of what I’ve found while scrolling through the tag posts – if you have your own camping images like these, I’d be more than happy to add them here.

A photo posted by Alex Oswell (@barefootyogi) on

A photo posted by Zack Melhus (@zmelhus) on