New drug promises good sleep without the “hangover effect”

So far, the drug has worked on mice, but researchers are confident that the findings could translate on humans.

Scientists identify genes and brain cells involved in insomnia

Insomnia is poorly understood but a new study might finally help millions of people get a good night’s sleep.

Can’t get any rest when sleeping in a new place? It’s just your brain keeping you safe

A new study offers insight into why you might have a hard time sleeping on the first night in a new place: half of your brain stays awake to watch out for potential dangers.

Newly discovered ‘sleep node’ in the brain puts you to sleep without sedatives

Neuroscientists at University of Buffalo have identified a sleep-promoting circuit inside the brainstem or the primitive part of the brain, whose activity appears to be both necessary and sufficient to produce deep sleep. This is only the second ‘sleep node’ in the mammalian brain that was identified to serve this function. To demonstrate the sleep node’s function, the researchers used

The sleepless elite: the short sleepers, night owls and early birds at the same time

For a small group of people, seven or eight hours of sleep per night is an unnecessary luxury.