Bug bombs don’t kill the bugs, but they do expose you to pesticides

Bombs never solve anything :(.

DDT exposure in pregnant women linked to autism in offspring

Although the insecticide was banned decades ago, it still persists in the environment.

Insecticides and low floral diversity are driving bumblebees into the ground

Each year, queens have to re-establish their colonies. Human activity, however, is making it very hard for them to do so.

Insecticide is killing honeybees, causing colony collapse disorder

A Harvard study shows insecticides with neonicotionoids are devastating honeybee colonies, triggering colony collapse disorder. Recently, we’ve written a lot about bees – because it’s a big deal. The National Agriculture Statistics Service reported that there were 2.44 million honey-producing hives in the United States as of February 2008, down from 4.5 million in 1980 – and it’s not much better in other