The US wealth gap hasn’t been this big since the “Roaring ’20s”

The “Roaring 20s” ended with the Great Depression. How will this decade end?

U.S. News rankings driving economic inequality on campus

Top universities admit more 1% earners than the bottom 60% combined.

Money can’t buy happiness the saying goes; but it does buy a longer life, Harvard replies

The richest American men may live up to 15 years longer than the poorest ones, and the richest women 10 years more than their poorest counterparts, a new study found.

Rich but not happier — why economic growth doesn’t always translate to happiness

It’s easy to assume that with economic gain comes happiness — we live in capitalism, after all. But science comes to prove us all wrong yet again, and shows that the link between economics and happiness is much more complicated that we thought. Money can’t buy happiness, it seems.

How the rich stay rich: social status is more inheritable than height

UK researchers highlight once more a depressing topic: income inequality and lack of social mobility. After they tracked families that sent their children to study at Oxford and Cambridge – the two most prestigious and elitist Universities in the world since 1096 – the researchers found that students were more likely to inherit their parent’s social status than their height.

The United Nations has released its Human Development Index for 2014. European countries dominate again, the US is 28th

The UN released the Human Development Index for 2014, and it’s bad news for the United States – which come in at the 28th place, with huge social and wealth inequality.