Cats are both solid and liquid — and other surprising tidbits of science from the Ig Nobel Awards

Cats really *are* liquid… but only sometimes.

Turning bullets into diamonds, finding brain activity in dead salmon, finding out why hair turns green, and others: the Ig Nobel prize

Every scientist dreams of getting his hands on a Nobel prize – it’s the highlight of one’s career, unless you’re Obama. But winning a Nobel Prize spoof… is that really something you want to get? Apparently… why not? The Ig Nobel prize, the whimsical award for research which is useful, but also really cooky is held each year at Harvard

In case of emergency, just take off your bra !

No, the people in the photo are not sniffing the bra or… something. This is Emergency Bra, or Ebra, for short may very well be the thing that saves your life; literally. How does it work ? Well, it converts into a respiratory mask. Good thing about it is that since it has two cups, you can save someone else