The Universe is expanding — gravitational waves could show us how fast

A massive breakthrough in astrophysics might enable us to finally determine the rate at which the universe expands.

Star in our galaxy is almost as old as the Universe

A metal poor star located in the Milky Way galaxy, “just” 190 light years away from our Sun is 14.46+-0.80 billion years old – nearly as much as the age of the Universe! All stars follow a stellar evolutionary path; by knowing some parameters about the star (such as mass, luminosity, and surface temperature), astronomers can calculate just how far

A novel way of measuring the size of the Universe

The Universe is in constant expansion, which is why it is commonly said to be infinite, so basically one can measure all he wants and still won’t find out how big the Universe is. An accurate measurement of this rate of expansion, however, is critical for space observations, and a young Australian student has recently found a better way of