NASA wants to send a tiny helicopter along with the next 2020 rover mission

It will allow scientists to explore Mars like they could only imagine until now.

This 10-engine-copter made by NASA can morph into a plane in mid-flight

Inspired by quadcopters and airplanes alike, NASA engineered made the best of both worlds and designed a 10-engine electric craft that can hover like a drone, but also cruise like a plane. Called Greased Lightning or GL-10, the craft is allegedly four times more efficient than a helicopter in cruise mode, while also retaining vertical take off capabilities.

New record for human powered flight set by engineering students

A talented team of students from the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering has set a new record for the longest flight time for a human-powered helicopter. The helicopter in question, called “Gamera II”, after the flying monster turtle of Japanese films and the university’s terrapin mascot, was devised and built by the students themselves. First thing that came into mind when I

Jetpack successfully climbs to 5,000 feet. Can be yours for $100,000

For most, a jetpack can be considered more of a SciFi concept than a viable, realistic flying contraction. However, recent advances from a New Zealand aeronautical company might have paved the way for jetpacks to finally become commercially mainstream. Exiting, right? Just recently this month, the aforementioned company, Martin Aircraft Co.,  has successfully tested one of its jetpack model to