Google Earth reveals hundreds of ancient structures in Saudi Arabia

Ironically, the archaeologist hasn’t even visited Saudi Arabia.

Google Timelapse: how the world has changed in the past 28 years

Google is notorious for its ambitious projects, and its latest one falls nothing short. Capitalizing on its extremely powerful Google Earth engine, the company teamed up together with the US Geological Survey (USGS) and Time Magazine to release Timelapse – a visual representation of how the Earth has changed during the past 28 years. Carefully stacked over each other, sequences

Explore the ocean floor with Google Ocean

When Google Earth was first released I was simply struckĀ  with amazement by the myriad of features the software was bundled with. I never imagined I could have my very own state of the art satellite imaging from the comfort of my armchair and notebook. This may be common enough now (meanwhile Google maps popularized the satellite imaging trend tenfold),

The lost city of Atlantis found, allegedly

Illustration via crystalinks (you can find more intriguing info on Atlantis there). Some of you may remember the Google Earth Atlantis finding from a few years back which traveled the whole internet there and back before eventually turning to be just smoke, an unintentional scam. Tomorrow a new documentary is airing on National Geographic’s prime-time called Finding Atlantis which tells