Wearing glasses might really mean you’re smarter, new study finds

Glasses can drastically change a person’s appearance.

Smart glasses auto-focus on what the person is seeing, whether it’s close or far away

Bye-bye to swapping reading glasses.

Superman’s disguise could actually work — people wearing glasses are harder to recognize

And here I was thinking people in Metropolis are plain stupid.

Record your POV with Pivothead glasses

Yet an obscure start-up, Pivothead might become a brand to remember soon enough, following the market launch of its eyewear video recording product. Though they might look like normal polarized glasses, the Pivothead eyewear can actually record or capture photos at very high resolution and quality, essentially filming your POV. The product is set to revolutionize extreme sports coverage. Though

Bionic glasses aim to replace guide dogs for the visually impaired

On display at one of the featured stands at this year’s Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is a pair of special glasses developed by scientists at Oxford University, which mixes technology already developed by gaming and smartphone manufacturers, and allows people with next to none vision orientate. ‘We want to be able to enhance vision in those who’ve lost it